Toxic chemicals in old alarm system batteries can foul the soil and poison ground water, ruining the environment for all of us. We are committed to reducing the amount of this waste, so you may bring your old battery to our offices in Cordova, TN for disposal. You will receive a discount when purchasing a new battery from us. We will then, in turn, deliver your spent battery to our partnered recycler.

Prepare your old battery for recycling

  • Always wear gloves and safety glasses when handling spent lead-acid batteries.

  • After removing the old battery from your system, place it in a plastic bag or box to reduce the chance of contamination from any seeping corrosive chemicals.

  • Deliver the spent battery to your local recycler for disposal, or exchange it at our office for a brand-new battery. You will receive a discount for the new battery.

Local Battery Recyclers

The following recyclers meet all local, state, and federal standards governing the disposal and recycling of alarm system batteries. This includes all current EPA standards as of January 1, 2016. Protection Unlimited, Inc. believes that all of these recyclers are the last word in your battery recycling concerns and are suitable for receiving your spent batteries: