Today’s wireless alarm systems are truly a thing of beauty. Their sleek design and reliability are matched only by their utility. Wireless sensors are long-lasting, highly reliable, and provide you with per-point identification of protected areas.

  • Long Lasting: Battery powered sensors require no wires strung all over your house and the batteries last on the order of 4 to 5 years. Replacement is simple and quick.

  • Sleek Design: Wireless sensors attach directly to the surface of the protected opening and they are very unobtrusive. They come in colors to fit the surface they are protecting.

  • Reliable: Wireless sensors continuously and quietly report to the main control panel. We call this technology ‘point supervision’. If something happens to a sensor, the main panel alerts you immediately. The old days of unsupervised wireless sensors quietly dying are long, long gone.

  • Utility: : In general, wireless sensors protect one opening only, something we call ‘per-point identification’. The system knows your home or business intimately, down to every individual door and window.

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